About us

The ONYXTOP company was founded on the basis of the regional company “Master46” which has been manufacturing products made of artificial stone for more than 10 years. Our accumulated practical experience allowed us to create material that is unparalleled and has not been presented before. Through many years of research in this area and the use of trendsetting technologies we have come to the creation of a translucent stone with certain, unique types of patterns.

Considering all the requirements issues by the customer, namely the strength, beauty and uniqueness of natural stone, we have developed an ideal combination of the shape and quality of artificial stone, which significantly expands its field of application both in the production of furniture, the construction of countertops and window sills, fireplaces, bar counters, podiums and in the design of interiors, building facades, premises and offices.

Thanks to qualified specialists with an extensive experience in the field of artificial stone as well as having high-tech equipment and materials available, we have achieved high results by experimental research.

With a high 90-point shore hardness, the ONYXTOP material is superior to acrylic stones in hardness but has a gloss on the level of natural stone or glass, which allows to immediately start the product manufacturing without further grinding and polishing of the surface. artificial onyx is several times lighter than natural stone, has no smell, is non-toxic, does not support combustion, easily processed and restored, this allows to please you with its appearance for a long time.

ONYXTOP artificial onyx is an innovative, highly competitive and import-substituting material. The company has all the mandatory certificates and the registration of a patent for an invention and certification in accordance with EU standards.