ONYXTOP Certificate

Onyxtop artificial translucent sheet stone, a natural onyx imitator, is a high-tech material with a wide range of unique properties that are not available on the market for artificial stones produced using solid surface technology. The material was created as universal and unparalleled. Main differences and benefits:

Main differences and benefits

Large 3020 x 1260 mm format and strength with a smaller thickness – 6 mm for light panels and furniture, 10 mm for worktops and up to 20 mm for translucent bowls or washbasins (custom-built).

A popular and in-demand pattern imitating natural onyx, agate, malachite and other semi-precious minerals.

High translucency due to small thickness, low weight – 9 kg per square meter with a thickness of 6 mm, flexibility and shock resistance allow to create self-supporting structures made of artificial onyx that boggle the imagination with the depth of the pattern and beauty.

The material is manufactured with a high surface sheen, like a real stone, and this makes it possible to significantly simplify and facilitate processing without grinding.

Onyxtop artificial onyx is odorless, does not absorb dirt, does not emit anything. It is chemically resistant, solvent-repellent, has a heat resistance up to 150 degrees after which it is possible to slightly bend it – the temperature may be increased up to 300 degrees without any consequences for a short period, it does not support combustion.

The material is processed like solid surface acrylic stones, cutted, milled, glued to the same subject with color matching adhesives, sanded, polished if necessary.

Despite a lesser thickness and weight, it has higher physical and mechanical properties in comparison with other well-known artificial sheet stones, it is shock-resistant. Therefore, the version with a thickness of 6 mm has a lower price and is supplied in panels of 3020 x 1260 mm. This format is very convenient for the sheet width of 1260 mm compared to the 760 mm format as it allows large sizes to be veneered without extra gluing and grinding. This is very convenient in the construction of receptions, light boxes, panel pictures and structures made of onyx, upstands, countertops for bathrooms or commercial furniture.

Specifics of use

We do not recommend using our material for kitchen countertops due to the small uncalibrated thickness and the difficulties of seamless integration of a complex pattern without special skills and experience. For these purposes we supply 8-10 mm stone with a sheet format of 3050 mm x 1600 mm or half a sheet of 3050 mm by 800 mm, which can be calibrated by thickness due to its small width which allows the countertops to be glued. To match the pattern of the stone, we recommend to mill the two glued halves not in a straight but in a curved line.

Our artificial onyx sheets go well together with aluminum profiles for the construction of furniture doors and facades. A glass profile is used. The stone is cut on a panel sizing saw and the milling cutter goes along its ends to give the desired thickness corresponding to the profile thickness. With a thickness of 5-6 mm the stone sheet is self-supporting and strong. There is no need to underlay anything for reinforcement, even for the wardrobe doors construction. With the profile you get a ready-made moisture proof door or facade that is not afraid of temperature changes unlike MDF or wood laminate, with an exclusive pattern and the possibility of illumination from the inside.

First of all, you will be able to create exclusive and practical interiors with a unique design that will be remembered by your guests and visitors for a long time.